About Us

We don' t just dress hair...

At Bauhaus we believe in hair design - creating the right style for you, your personality, lifestyle and environment.

In our friendly, comfortable salon we take the time to listen and understand how we can work together to create the look you want.

Whether you’re looking for something unique that takes advantage of the very latest techniques, colours and styling products, or a simple, manageable short back and sides, we’ll tailor it to you, ensuring that you are 100% thrilled with the way you look.

We know how hard it can be to recreate that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ look when you get home! So we make sure you know how to keep your hair looking stunning until we see you next time.

At Bauhaus Hair Design we really care about our customers and employees – and we also look after animals and the environment. Here are some of the steps we’re taking as a responsible business:

  • • Our products are cruelty-free, with vegan hair colours available
  • • 90% of our electricity is from renewable sources
  • • All our hot drinks are fair trade
  • • We don’t use plastic water bottles or cups
  • • All our packaging is recycled
  • • We are committed to helping young people gain skills and experience in our sector

We look forward to seeing you soon at Bauhaus Hair Design.

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Love Bauhaus! I've been a customer for around 15 years and can highly recommend the girls to anyone. Always a fantastic atmosphere, and the girls are awesome in listening to what you want done and offering advice. A wealth of experience, and the only hairdressers I've been to that don't shy away from bright colours.


Always a pleasure to travel from Wales to Bristol to get my hair cut. To find a good hairdressers is hard. I have my trust in Bauhaus Bristol as Mel knows how my hair works (natural curls take alot of work) You always get what you ask for. And advise on tap.


I came here feeling anxious about being a new client. Once I stepped in the door I felt at ease. My stylist made me feel at home. She really connected with me and understood what it was I wanted.


Hair Cuts

Clipper Cut (Dry Cut)From £25
Clipper Wash and CutFrom £30
Clipper Cut and FinishFrom £40
Short (ears and above)From £30
Short Wash and CutFrom £35
Short Cut and FinishFrom £45
Medium(bob/shoulders)From £30
Medium Wash and CutFrom £40
Medium Cut and FinishFrom £50
Long One Length CutFrom £30
Long One Length Wash and CutFrom £35
Long One Length Cut and FinishFrom £40
Long Layered CutFrom £40
Long Layered Wash and CutFrom £45
Long Layered Cut and FinishFrom £55
RestyleFrom £45
Restyle Wash and CutFrom £50
Restyle Cut and FinishFrom £60

Childrens Cuts

Ages 5-12From £15
Teens£10 Off Adult Prices
Students£5 Off


Regrowth Short Hair£40 With Cut £70
Regrowth Medium Hair£40 With Cut £75
Regrowth Long Hair£40 With Cut £80
Full Head Colour Short£45 With Cut £75
Full Head Colour Medium£50 With Cut £80
Full Head Colour Long£55 With Cut £95
Root Highlights (half head) Short£70 With Cut £100
Root Highlights (half head) Medium£70 With Cut £105
Root Highlights (half head) Long£70 With Cut £110
Full Head Highlights Short£70 With Cut £100
Ful Head Highlights Medium£85 With Cut £120
Full Head Highlights Long£100 With Cut £135
Regrowth And Highlights Short£90 With Cut £120
Regrowth And Highlights Medium£90 With Cut £125
Regrowth And Highlights Long£90 With Cut £130
Full Colour With Highlights Short£95 With Cut £125
Full Colour With Highlights Medium£115 With Cut £150
Full Colour With Highlights Long£135 With Cut £170
Balayage Refresh Medium£80 With Cut £115
Balayage Refresh Long£80 With Cut £120
Balayage Full Head Medium£105 With Cut £140
Balayage Full Head Long£120 With Cut £170


Semi Permanent ColourBy quotation
TonersFrom £10
Elumen£20 Extra
Individual Packets£5 Each
Colour CorrectionBy quotation
Speciality ColourBy quotation


Wash And Blow-dryFrom £15
Extra Heat Styling After Blow-Dry£5
Hair UpBy quotation


Short Perm£70 With Cut £100
Medium Perm£85 With Cut £120
Long Perm£100 With Cut £140


Students/NHS/OAP£5 Off